Pre Marriage Counseling

Therapy in San Clemente, CA

Deciding to get married is one of the most important decisions individuals make in their lives. Most couples don't fully understand the kinds of expectations each has for marriage or the strategies for getting through life pressures as a team. Without fully exploring both daily and lifelong subjects many experience unnecessary arguing and hurt feelings as the years go on. 

I help couples to know each other more fully and understand one another's needs and expectations. Compromise is often challenging for independent adults ready to work together but lack the awareness of different perspectives, so we discuss and strategize potential conflicts and their healthy resolution aead of time.

Common conflicts such as holiday celebrations, parenting strategies, financial goals and budgeting for future plans, and involvement of family of origin in a couple's lives are often not anticipated and discussed until a conflict has surfaced and the arguing begins. I help couples pre-think these and other expectations for daily life before the fighting can begin.

Planning a wedding can bring out many of the not yet defined differences and cause unnecessary doubts and arguments as a couple moves towards the ceremony and I help clients resolve these quickly and thoroughly for this special time and the years to come. 

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