Divorce Counseling

Couples Therapy in San Clemente, CA

When couples decide to divorce there are many important issues to discuss and work out in order to transition to separate lives. The couples that come in for divorce counseling usually want this transition to go as painfree as possible for the family. The emotional pain that accompanies a split can make this difficult to accomplish. I help couples to work through the decisions they have to make together to avoid further hurt and betrayal feelings.

Research has consistently shown that those families that are able to work together for the family's needs produce less emotional and financial distress for many years following. Children are best served by parents working together to raise them with consistency. Reduced attorney bills are often the result of these sessions as problems resolved in therapy diminish the necessity of opposing attorneys being paid to do this for them.

When the anger and resentment prohibit productive couple sessions I can work one-on-one with each party to arrive at consistent agreements they can both follow. Divorce is painful enough to go through without the added stress of feeling like your partner is now your enemy. Effective divorce counseling reduces the volume of stress all family members experience moving forward

If you feel your relationship could benefit from the guidance through Divorce Counseling, please give Vicki a call at 949-648-1213 to get started.