Parental Counseling

Therapy in San Clemente, CA

No matter how prepared you are to start and maintain a family children bring issues to the forefront you never anticipated. Each child is unique and must be parented according to their unique needs for structure and discipline. Couples at a loss for managing a particular child often find themselves arguing with each other about what to do next. 

My first ten years of practice I specialized in child therapy and worked with many parents on how to best bring out the best in their child while working as a parent team. I teach parenting strategies, offer resources, coach each parent on how to avoid unnecessary conflicts, and follow through consistently with these new strategies.

I hear most often from parents that when they are using the strategies we discuss things improve greatly. However, busy lives lead many parents to return to old unsuccessful ways of reacting that need to be eliminated by consistent structure. Some of the areas we discuss are:

  • Developmental stages and challenges for each age to discover what's normal and what is not
  • Consistency in parenting as a team
  • Supporting one another and dividing things up so no one parent feels alone in parenting
  • Strategies for individual behaviors for each child
  • Resources available to expand parenting knowledge and understanding
  • How to best communicate with a particular child according to his/her nature and temperament
  • The importance of parental self-care to effective parenting

If you are looking for answers to your parenting questions, don't hesitate to give me a call at 949-648-1213.