Conflict Resolution Therapy

Therapy in San Clemente, CA

Working successfully through conflict is a skill that many people haven't yet learned, so they avoide conflict and create even more issues to deal with. In personal relationships when difficult subjects are not discussed, or are argued instead of discussed, intimacy is reduced. When two people have off-limits topics the distance created can become a wall of resentment and mistrust. In a work situation when individuals don't know how to ask for what they need appropriately outcomes can become job threatening or at least very distressful to work in. 

I work to help individuals and couples to address the roots of this problem, develop better communication skills, and to confront the feelings that may be keeping then from resolving difficulties in a healthy mature and healthy way

If you are interested in Conflict Resolution therapy, feel free to call Vicki at 949-648-1213 any time to get started.