Marriage & Couples Counseling

Therapy in San Clemente, CA

Marriage is a challenging relationship and needs continual attention to avoid living separate lives under one roof. Many couples only come for counseling when the relationship is so distressed one or the other partner is thinking about divorce. Although most marriages can come back from this state, it is painful and unnecessary if a couple seeks a qualified therapist before then. There are some general issues most couples need to address and some very issues specific to their particular relationship. Both are addressed in my work with couples.

I have worked with hundreds of couples to work through to healthier relating. Many have let me know many years later that the work we did together changed their relationship for the better. Some of the issues I address with couples include:

  • Communication Skills
  • Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Understanding your partner's needs and expectations, and being understood more fully yourself
  • Learning your own and your partner's particular ways of demonstrating love and receiving it
  • Boundaries and how to set and maintain them without arguing and resentments building
  • Intimacy needs
  • Sexual difficulties if present
  • Gender differences in terms of needs and perspective
  • Future planning
  • Parenting Issues

Most marriages can be saved if partner's are willing to work together to create harmony and peace. I help those who feel helpless and hopeless find their way back to the loving relating that brought them together in the first place. Please call to make an appointment to discuss your specific challenges. When one partner is open to therapy and the other is not there are still ways to negotiate new ways of interaction that can lead to healthier relating for both parties.

Please don't hesitate to make an appointment to discuss your individual marital needs.