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Depression Therapy

Depression has become almost epidemic in our culture and many still hold to the stigma of believing it results from inefficient coping skills. In some religious systems it is seen as a lack of trust and faith in a loving God, therefore the sign of spiritual weakness and is condemned by misinformed leadership. In actuality depression is a physical disorder that can originate from a person’s inherited DNA, or some unresolved grief or chronic stress. We are all biochemical beings and since the industrial revolution we as a culture have been inundated with foreign chemicals in the air we breath, the food we eat, the carpet we walk on, the furniture we sit on, and the clothing we wear. In other words, our biochemistry can be overloaded with opposing chemicals and create a tendency when under stress or hormones change to becoming physically depressed. Good treatment involves accurate assessment and individualized treatment strategies for each person effected by this overwhelming destructive illness.

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