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People experience anxiety when the body dumps an excess of adrenaline and cortisol into the system. These naturally occurring chemicals were designed to help us run away from or have the superhuman strength we may need when in extreme danger or addressing it beyond our normal limits. It is a biochemical reaction to perceived threats that may or may not have originated in our reality but become increasingly pervasive and invasive causing some to be drastically restricted in their social lives, work, and relationships. It is a known fact that one cannot be completely relaxed and anxious at the same time so many learn to use things like meditation and systematic relaxation techniques to ward off anxiety. Unfortunately for some this is ineffective in that they don’t see the biochemical inherited proclivity that can be the source, and focus instead on consuming coping and limiting reactions. Anxiety treatments that are most effective are made of good clinical assessment, coping skills teaching, and a more thorough understanding of their particular anxiety and biochemistry.

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